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Best Republic Day Speeches in English

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Are you looking for republic day speech in English? Have you come here to read a republic day speech for students? Are you someone who cannot make a speech on republic day? Don't fret, though, we're here.


Here, we have a small collection of three of the best republic day speeches in English. These speeches are suitable for speakers of all levels. These speeches have some of the best-written information on republic day. These speeches briefly cover the history of republic day and also touch upon republic day celebrations. Basically, these speeches talk about why we celebrate republic day, and then about how republic day is celebrated.

Republic Day of India is celebrated on the 26th of January every year, to commemorate the anniversary of this date in 1950, when the Constitution of India was enforced.


Here are some of the best republic day speeches in English:

Republic Day Speech in English #1:

"Good morning all. We are all present here to celebrate a great day in the Indian history book i.e., The Republic day. We should all be proud to be born in such a great nation. Our motherland holds different religions and different languages, but we are all united in the name of the nation. Despite the vast diversity, we're all united.

So, let me tell you all a little about this great day.

We celebrate our Republic day on 26th January. We celebrate this day with some patriotic emotion. The day is so celebrated because on this very day the Constitution if India was brought into force back in 1950. The Constitution was drafted by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar along side a special committee and was passed on 26th November,1949 ,and had replaced the Government of India Act,1935. The Constitution made India a democratic nation. This gave everyone in the country a right to put the leaders of their choice in the power to lead the country by the right of voting.

The Constitution lays down all the fundamental rights and duties of the people in the country. And also there is difference between people basing their cast ,creed, religion or any other factors i.e., everyone is equal in the eyes of law.

The Constitution gave everyone an equal amount of importance, that's alright. But,it was all the result of the fights of the freedom fighters of this soil which made the country an independent nation. We are all waking up with freedom everyday just because of the efforts and the sacrifices of the freedom fighters of our country. Many people like Mahatma Gandhi ,Jawaharlal Nehru ,Subhas Chandra Bose ,Bhagat Singh and many others strived for the freedom of the country. 

So, Everytime we sing our national anthem ,we have to sing it in the name of the sacrifices made by these men. We also have take an oath of living with peace and Harmony. 

Jai Hind!"

Republic Day Speech in English #2:

A very good morning to everyone out here with me for celebrating this great day. We are here to celebrate our Republic day and to show some respect to those men who sacrificed their lives and also for those who put so their efforts for the nation's freedom.

So let me tell you all why we celebrate Republic day.

Way back in 1947, on 15th August ,with all the great efforts and sacrifices of our freedom fighters ,we got freedom from the British rule. Many great men like Mahatma Gandhi ,Bal Gangadhar Tilak ,Maulana Abul Kalam Azad ,Bhagat Singh ,Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel have driven our country to the freedom. All the efforts of these great people gave us freedom from the British on 15th August,1947 ,but we drafted our own Constitution on 26th November, 1949, under the chairmanship of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. The Constitution drafted in 1949 came into force on 26th January,1950. And the day on which the Constitution came into force is celebrated as Republic day.

Begin Republic means begin independent and ruling the country with our own rules. The Constitution was a replacement for the British rule. Before the Constitution can't into force, it was all British rule which prevailed in the country. Constitution made our country a democratic nation. Democracy is the government of the people ,by the people and for the people. In a democratic nation, the people in the country have the power to elect their leaders from the Prime Minister to the municipal leaders. And this is what's happening in India right now. This is all because of the Constitution.

Although we have our freedom now, we're not living fine. The country not heading I'm the right way. We see corruption and crime in every part of the country. This should be changed to keep the country moving forward. Otherwise, there won't be any meaning for the sacrifices of our great freedom fighters who made our country independent. So, let's respect the sacrifices and salute the nation.

Jai Hind!

Republic Day Speech in English #3:

Heartfelt greetings to all those who have gathered here for celebrating this patriotic day. I'd like to  welcome all the guests with all my heart.

    As each one of you knows,we're here today to celebrate our Republic Day. Before I start anything, I'd like to thank everyone for being here. Now, I'd like to speak a little about this great day. Going back into the past will show us many great struggles put up by some brave hearts like Mahatma Gandhi ,Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose ,Lala Lajpath Rai ,Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel,etc., to free our country from the shackles of the British Rule. After becoming independent ,we drafted our own Constitution to rule our mother nation on 26th November,1949. The day on which we brought our Constitution into force is celebrated as Republic Day i.e. ,on 26th January.

Republic simply means that the people in the country have the right to elect their representatives as political leaders to rule and lead the country in the right direction. So, in our country too, the political leaders, ranging right from President and Prime Minister to MLAs and Corporators are elected by the people. The right that people have today to elect their leaders by the power of vote is all because of the sacrifices made by those great men back in the past. We can never just ignore their efforts and sacrifices, and all we can do for those great men is just to stand up and salute for their priceless blood and sweat.

Yeah, we're electing our leaders with our own wish believing them to lead us all in the right direction, but it seems like nothing changed. We still see a lot of crime happening in every corner of the country. With all these, I see our country going nowhere. The perspective of the leaders should change to put the country on the right track. They should rather be thinking of the country's gain than their personal gain.

Jai Hind!
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